Siem Reap Beyond Temples

Enjoy activities and attractions in Siem Reap like locals with Travona.

Amazon Angkor

Enjoy buffet dinner with Cambodian traditional dance show.

Angkor Balloon

Catch the best aerial view of Angkor Wat from Angkor balloon.

Art Box

Visit the world with the Artworks and become a part of it.

Bambu Stage

Enjoy the evening with Khmer shadow puppet show.

Butterfly Paradise

Butterfly Paradise is a place to slow your pace down and relax.

Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts Center

experience the making of Cambodian ceramics during a pottery workshop in Siem Reap The ideal family activity.

Kongkear Angkor

Take a small, private boat out to Prasat Chrung Temple to watch the amazing sunset.

Royal Archery Club

Learn to shoot like ancient Khmer warriors.

Siem Reap Quad Bike Adventure

Siem Reap Quad Bike Adventure brings you to the authentic and unique beauty of Cambodia which is hidden and unexposed to the world.

Siem Reaper

Bike to the countryside with the local guide.

The Glory Spa

Relax in the evening with Khmer traditional massage located in the city center.

The Great Escape

solve a mysterious crime or locate the lost treasures of the Tramples of Angkor, then open the door to escape.

Khna Water Park

Enjoy the swimming pool.

Angkor Watt Putt

Angkor Wat Putt is a fun and fantastic, 14 hole Miniature Golf Course in Siem Reap. Come and knock a ball under, over and around 9 accurate replicas of the world famous Angkor Temples. Including Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm, Bayon, Banteay Srei, Preah Vihear and the Terrace of the Elephants.


Discover the issue of landmines and the clearance process experience a live demonstration of mine detection rats.

Landmine Museum

A museum located in Cambodia, south of the Banteay Srey Temple complex, 25 kilometers north of Siem Reap, and inside the Angkor National Park.

Senteure D'Angkor

See how candles are made and even get a free taste sampling of hot or cold fragrant tea and coffee.

Cambodian Cultural Village

The Cambodian Cultural Village is a one-stop wonder for anyone who wants to learn about Cambodian culture.

Samathi Spa

Relax and enjoy tension relief foot massage therapy from Samathi Spa.

Por Cuisine

Por Cuisine offers a look into Cambodia's unique and diverse culture with an Apsara performance during dinner.

Healing House

Experience a new technique in Khmer Traditional Massage that stimulates deeper layer of muscles giving relaxing, stress relief experience.

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